Friday, September 26, 2008


The children in this picture are the orphans in one of the orphanage situated in Tambaram. During the independence day of this year, we friends from our college collected some amount and went to that place with some things such as foods, clothes etc. These kids were really happy while seeing us and we organized cultural among them and gave some prizes. This encourages some confidence among them and helped them to fight for there life.


The broken bridge herein the photo is one of the favorite spot for enjoyment in my life. This spot is situated in Ennore, the northern part of Chennai. As shown in the photo the extreme end of the bridge finishes at the middle of the river and we have to reach that place by walking through side walls. The breadth of the side wall is just 1feet and as you see there are holes between the walls. If we slipped then we might be swollen away by the sea. So it’s extremely risky and it gives us thrilling experience. It is also a shooting spot for kollywood people. The climax part of the film “KAKA KAKA”, which is acted by surya, is taken in this bridge.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hi everyone. This is my first post. So I am going to write about my lovable mobile. I have Sony W910i for past few months. It is my first camera mobile. The feature which liked the most in my mobile is its motion sensor which will automatically react according to your movements while playing. The clarity of my mobile is the best according to my thing.