Friday, July 25, 2008


The state police can now bank on a forensic tool to achieve speedy convictions. For the first time in Maharashtra, life sentences were meted out to the accused, based on the findings of Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature (BEOS) profiling. Reports of these tests, conducted at the state forensic lab in Kalina, were held admissible in session’s courts in two brutal cases of murder.
Experiential knowledge is acquired only through participation in an event, leading the person to have an experience of that activity. The technique detects and differentiates whether the accused was actually involved in committing a crime or only learnt of it. It helps in the reconstruction of events.

BEOS involves the application of electro-encephalogram. Electrodes are attached to different parts of the brain to detect electrical activation in the brain. The accused is asked to wear a cap with 32 electrodes, of which two are placed on each earlobe and rest on various parts of the brain. Probes (short questions) are recorded in a computer and presented to an accused. He is asked to sit with eyes closed and listen to the probes. The probes would evoke remembrance of the experience that the accused would have had. Such remembrance is accompanied by extensive changes in the electrical oscillation pattern in the brain. No manual analysis is involved in this system.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Drivers of milk delivery vans who take a quick nap while on work or deviate from their route will soon have technology keeping track of them. In a pilot project, the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Limited or Aavin, is trying out the efficacy of Global Positioning System (GPS) in their delivery vehicles.

The technology will help authorities keep track of the exact location of the milk distribution vans and the time at which they deliver milk. The official said this would also help the authorities to immediately attend to any breakdown of the vehicles and if need be, replace them to ensure that milk is transported to the various destinations on time. Most of the vans operate at night and have to deliver the milk at the designated time at every distribution point. In case, there is some disruption to the vehicle, all the points of distribution need to be alerted.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The automotive research and consulting firm AutoPacific today announced its annual Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA), of which three category winners were Volvos.An "ideal" is defined as an excellent or perfect example. So, in search of the ideal vehicle, AutoPacific asked owners to rate their model year 2008 cars and trucks using a measurement of 15 key vehicle attributes.According to AutoPacific, "The Volvo S40 was the clear winner in the Luxury Mid-Size Car category. With high rating for exterior size, visibility, ride, handling and safety it's easy to see why the S40 is an ideal vehicle. Volvo engineers and designers definitely hit their target. Luxury Mid-Size car owners' scores prove that Volvo understands their buyers very well. Top marks were also given for seat firmness, interior lighting, wheels and tires, and exterior styling."

In the Image Compact Car category AutoPacific cited, "Image Compact Cars are products where style typically trumps absolute function. In the case of the Volvo C30 it seemed to appeal to Image Compact Car owners on both an emotional and rational level. Owners' preferences for the C30's exterior styling, ride, and safety blended well with the interior lighting, seat firmness, and level of technology."

The Volvo C70 shared the top spot in the Aspirational Luxury Car category. AutoPacific summarized that, "Even though the Volvo 70 is only available in one trim level (T5) it seems as though the Swedes have packaged the vehicle just right. With the most modern convenience features, owners in the Aspirational Luxury Car segment found the C70 well-equipped, giving the C70 top honors as a 2008 ideal vehicle. Of course it comes standard with numerous safety features (it's a Volvo), sharp wheels and tires, excellent interior lighting and appreciate seat firmness."